Tools you didn’t know you needed Part 1

The Manure Fork

Mostly seen at the wrong end of livestock the manure fork with its dished long thin tines is designed for shifting loose light voluminous material.

In the garden I have found them much better at turning over compost than a traditional digging fork as they tend not to get clogged up as much, their narrow tines allowing easier penetration for lifting and aeration and the shovel like scoop holding a lot more compost than my trusty garden fork.

Again the talent of the manure fork to not to get clogged has recently proved very useful in clearing a patch of ground over grown with bracken and brambles and what felt like every single type of tangly weed know to man. It proved itself as a great raking tool simultaneously filling endless wheel barrows.

They come with either a tubular steel or wooden handle with either a T, D or straight 4 ½ and 5 foot handles.

To search for the manure fork please click F0543

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