Digging and Cultivation – Prepare Your Plot

A great gardener needs great soil, this must be every gardener’s main aim, healthy soil will sustain a healthy plant. Digging is one of the best ways to create a rich, fertile and productive soil.  Although hard work, especially on uncultivated sites. The hard work will ensure you can reap the benefits later.

Benefits of Digging:

Winter is the best time to dig but soils can be dug all year around.  Autumn digging is best for clay soils to allow the winter frosts to help break up the soil and making it easier to work with in the spring.

Lighter soils are best dug just before planting in the Spring.  Digging will aerate the soil which encourages root penetration and increase soil microorganisms which are good for the soil structure. Digging in organic matter will help increase the nutrient content of your plot. You should aim for about 30% addition of organic matter, compost or manure to your patch.

Top Digging tips:

  • Start with a small area
  • Choose a spade that is right for you, it should be a little higher than hip height when held vertically.
  • Take small amounts  – little and often
  • Get into a rhythm
  • If you are digging clay or heavier soils clean the spade often and use a file to sharpen the edge to help you.

Buying guide:

Digging Spade and Fork

Half Brite Digging Spade and Fork

Border Spade and Fork

Ergonomic Digging Spade and Fork

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One thought on “Digging and Cultivation – Prepare Your Plot

  1. Eli Richardson says:

    It’s great that you talked about how to prepare a plot and achieve a healthy cultivation site. Recently, my cousin mentioned he wants to start a gardening project. My cousin bought some land, and she designated an area to cultivate vegetables, so I’ll be sure to share this article with her. Thanks for the advice on how digging helps create fertile soil.

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