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Like all the best ideas, Greenman Garden Tools originally started in a shed!.

My Story

Working for the family business in the garden tool trade (started by my Grandparents Don and Elieen Winter in 1974). I was fortunate to have access to lots of new shiny garden tools, but, I always found myself reverting to the tools used, owned and made by both my grandfather and great grandfather (Arthur Morris)

The tools had been handed down to me along with stories of how they were made and why they were loved so much. My grandfather taught me how to look after them along with great gardening tips including how to grow monster tomato’s!


The history of those tools inspired me and I looked at the tools we were buying and selling and realised there was nothing out there like the tools that had been handed down to me.

Tools which had lasted at least one lifetime (sometimes more) and they were still going strong. I wanted my new tools to be loved and looked after like my old ones, and so I looked back to my roots and started making tools like they used to!

Our Tools

Greenman Tools are made using sustainable Ash for the handles and have beautiful stainless or half brite steel heads. Because these tools mean so much to us, our tools have undergone many stages of development and have been put through their paces by various gardening groups. This includs individuals from green-fingered professionals to enthusiastic beginners and we are now proud to shout about their quality, functionality and good looks!  In a world where we have become too used to a buy cheap,  throw away and buy again society, we hope these tools will last a life time, be cherished and passed down to future generations along with the stories they will create.

We are a true family owned business with a friendly team of staff and customers old and new. You will always find a warm welcome at Greennman.

Our philosophy has remained the same over the years – that along with Customer care, personal service and the quality of the products are paramount. With the help of our hard working staff we aspire to fulfil all your needs.

Adam Greenman