Greenman Multi Hoe and Cultivator H1072


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In Japan where it’s one of the most popular garden tools used its known as a squid hoe due to its shape (the hoe being the body and the cultivator being the tentacles) its popularity is truly justified due to its compact size, sturdy construction and versatility being able to work in confined spaces preparing and planting.

The 3 cultivating tines are 4cm apart and have an overall span of 8cm so it’s perfect for getting in and around plants and removing weeds.
Rotating the hand changes the number of tines that are in contact with the soil so in tight places for instance in a rockery garden or even in-between paving slabs you can put a single tine to use.

The Hoe head comes into its own chopping through denser weed roots and is also used for digging holes for planting out.

Being 8.5cm across its perfect for planting out plant plugs grown in the standard seed cells as well as your average bulb.

Total Length 29.5cm
Handle Length 13cm
Hoe blade 8.5cm
Cultivator prongs 9cm


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