Inspired by the tools from my grandfather’s shed, this range of exceedingly well-made and stylish tools have been made with the gardener in mind – the way tools used to be made in years gone by, before many traditional methods were abandoned and corners were cut in favour of mass manufacturing.

The handles are made of ash, which is tougher, longer-lasting, more sustainable than tropical wood and causes less vibration than fibreglass or metal. The handles on the digging and cultivating tools are also longer than most and are attached in the traditional way to the extra-long lipped sockets with multiple rivets.
The beautiful mirror-polished, stainless steel heads provide better rust resistance and ensure less soil adhesion than a regular paint coating. The longer-lipped sockets on the digging tools are replicas of vintage English tools, offering superior strength and support again featuring extra rivets for increased strength. The tools have been through many stages of development and each stage has been put through its paces by various gardening groups and individuals, from professionals to enthusiastic first-timers.