Fabricated tools are made from two or more components welded (fabricated) together to make one tool. The welds are often the weak point.

The fewer the components welded together the better the fabricated tool. The components are often pressed or stamped out of sheet metal like a cookie cutter and assembled. Forged tools are made with one piece of metal hammered or forged into a mould to give the shape of the tool.

The Greenman range of forged digging tools features solid forged heads made with high carbon steel tempered for extra strength and resilience. The high carbon content also allows the tools to be sharpened and by their nature will stay sharper allowing for easier soil penetration.

Featuring a sustainably sourced durable Ash handle that’s chucked and tapered then riveted into the head for an extremely secure fixing. Topped with a traditional metal YD grip with barrel shaped ash insert, these tools are built to last and stand the test of time. The tools are riveted twice at the head for strength and again in Metal YD.